Artsightful is an arts management consulting, coaching, training, and researching practice dedicated to helping you gain insights into the business of non-profit art. 


Art-making is the foundation of sense-making for individuals, organizations and societies. Through the arts we find our voice.

+ Values

Artsightful is built on the beliefs that:

  • Sustainable and thriving arts businesses are built on the foundation of collaboration.
  • Careers in the arts need to be personally, professionally and financially sustainable.
  • Professional development provides opportunities for personal and business growth.
  • Organizational development begins with developing yourself first and your team next.
  • Mindful arts management is the practice of being aware of the impact of each choice and action.
  • A rising tide lifts all boats – share insights and be open to continuous learning.

= Mission

To build thriving arts ventures and careers by sharing insights into the business of art.  

Every person has a vision but not everyone has access to making that dream a reality. I approach all of my work as an educator and coach, meeting people where they are and supporting them in building the capacity to reach their fullest potential based on their values and beliefs. This takes skills in listening, hearing and noticing. As a somatic practitioner (trained yoga instructor and certified neurolinguistic programming coach) I take the time to mindfully notice and be present with individuals and groups. I am aware of when I need to walk alongside, step aside or look inside to recognize inherent biases that create barriers. This could be my own, belong to others, or be embedded in our society. As artists and creatives, we are too familiar with painful criticism that creates a deep dichotomy between who we are and who we think we need to be in order to gain respect of others and retain self-respect. Life is a learning journey and I am a life-long learner.