May 27, 2021

What is the link between business and art? GGU Dean of the School of Undergraduate Studies Marc Singer talks with adjunct instructor Amy Kweskin, of Artsightful and Intersection for the Arts, about that connection. In the the latest episode of Back to the Baysics, they discuss how artists can engage in strategic planning as they navigate rising costs in the changing Bay Area arts community, the need for artists to adapt and reach audiences in new ways, and the surprising role GGU has played in the Bay Area arts ecosystem.

Amy Kweskin is the Principal of Artsightful, through which she shares insights into the business of art. She specializes in developing inspiring and accomplishable strategic plans with artists and arts organizations. Amy uses tools developed as an adjunct faculty member at Golden Gate University, St. Mary’s College, and previously as a full-time faculty member at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco. Her approach is captured in the Center for Cultural Innovation Business of Art publication.

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