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Arts Management Professional Development Training Session/Series for Artists, Arts Managers and Board Members

About Artsightful:

Artsightful provides artists, arts managers and board members with arts management training, insight coaching and capacity consulting for building sustainable organizations and inspiring careers.

Founded by Amy Kweskin and housed at Intersection for the Arts, Artsightful is built on the belief that developing the careers and competencies of individuals and teams is the foundation for creating sustainable arts organizations.

Opportunity Description:

Artsightful seeks arts management Trainers and Presenters to craft professional development proposals for sessions/series to be presented in 2018. Artsightful is committed to partnering with professionals who engage participants in solution-focused approaches to arts management. Session/Series location is at Intersection for the Arts inside the San Francisco Chronicle building at 901 Mission Street, Suite 306, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Target participants are primarily Bay Area artists, arts managers and board members at a critical juncture in their career evolution, organizational development or board participation. In addition to growing their skills in the business of art, they are motivated to deepen their personal development, expand their network and craft career pathways.

Artsightful is particularly interested in developing cohort-training series where individuals in a similar job role or evolutionary lifestage of personal or organizational development, learn together over an extended period of tie. The intention is to build a safe and confidential environment in which participants can develop rapport and offer peer support.

Session/Series Topics:

Artsightful training is focused on providing professional development to individuals, teams and across-organizations. The following topics are meant as general categories and session/series proposals can drill down into specific aspects of these overarching areas of focus:

  • Organizational development
  • Strategic and business planning
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resource Management
  • Employee development
  • Mindful life-work balance
  • Coaching and mentorship
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Career and personal development
  • Board governance, roles and responsibilities
  • Succession planning
  • Other topics relevant to arts management…

Administration and Marketing

Artsightful provides: the training space at Intersection for the Arts, projector, seating, tables, photocopies of materials, wifi, water, and light refreshments for all participants. Artsightful configures the room in preparation for the session. Trainer/Presenter are responsible for cleanup after the session.

Artsightful handles registration and payment processing of all attendees including confirmation of registration. Registration list and participant contact information is provided to the Trainer/Presenter.

Artsightful marketing includes placement of the session/series on the Artsightful website with registration and payment functions via Eventbrite. Artsightful also promotes sessions via Facebook, Twitter, Eventbrite, and email distribution to newsletter subscribers. Co-marketing with Intersection for the Arts can be offered. Presenter/Trainer bio, photo, website, and contact information will be displayed on the Artsightful website.

Additional marketing and promotion is the responsibility of Trainer/Presenter.

Participant Fees:

Participant registration is $30 per session/series hour; e.g., 2-hour session fee is $60. Sessions can be longer in duration in terms of hours in a single meeting or over a series of days/weeks/months as proposed by the Trainer/Presenter.

Trainer/Presenter Fees for Service

The Trainer receives a payment totaling 50% of each participant’s paid registration. Full payment is issued to Trainer/Presenter within 72 hours of training session/series completion. Minimum attendance is 4 individuals and maximum is 26.

Trainer Fee Examples:

  • Minimum 4 registrants attending 2-hour session for $60 fee: Trainer/Presenter receives $120
  • Maximum 26 registrants attending 2-hour session for $60 fee: Trainer/Presenter receives $780

Multiple Trainers/Presenters

Proposals are encouraged from multiple Trainers/Presenters collaborating on a session/series. The total fee for all Trainers/Presenters is 50% of each participant’s registration and distribution of this payment will be determined in partnership with the lead Trainer/Presenter.

Proposal Components

  1. Names and contact information of each Trainer/Presenter
    1. If multiple Trainers/Presenters – identify the lead
  2. Resume of each Trainer/Presenter
  3. Title of session/series
  4. History of session/series – first time being offered or has been previously presented
  5. 250 word description of session/series
    1. If a series, include an additional 75 word description of each individual session
    2. Anticipated number of handout master pages to be photocopied by Artsightful
  6. Description of target registrants and ideal number of attendees
  7. Proposed duration of session/series:
    1. Number of sessions
    2. Time duration of sessions
  8. Three date/time options
  9. Room configuration
  10. Technology needs
  11. Plan for Trainer/Presenter to promote the session/series

Copyright and Content Ownership

Trainer/Presenter agrees to produce original content for which you are the sole author and owner; and to obtain copyright permission of non-original content. Trainer/Presenter owns the intellectual property to all-content developed for and presented at session/series. Artsightful DOES NOT claim ownership or exclusive use of the content and material.

Submission Timeline

Submit proposals at least 90-days prior to anticipated session/series start date. Each proposal will be reviewed by Amy Kweskin Founder of Artsightful and discussed with the Trainer/Presenter. A Trainer/Presenter contract agreement is issued and signed for each session/series.

Thank you for considering this opportunity!

To further discuss this RFP, or the services of Artsightful, please contact Amy Kweskin at 415.994.9901 or amy@artsightful.com.