Consulting facilitation of strategic plan and development of business operations plan. October-December 2019

Strategic Planning

Consulting facilitation of strategic plan and development of business operations plan. Funded by the Hewlett Foundation. Current

Reimagining Arts Business Models

Research project investigating new approaches to arts business models for real estate ownership in Oakland. Funded by Zellerabach Family Foundation and California Arts Council. Current

Strategic Planning

Funded by the California Arts Council. Current

Doctor of Business Administration Student & Adjunct Professor

Golden Gate Gate University Ageno Business School. Current

Saint Mary's College Student Advisor & Adjunct Faculty

Individual course development and instruction for professional dancers in the LEAP: Liberal Education for Arts Professionals program of Saint Mary's College. Students located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Current

Congratulations to these lovely LEAP graduates celebrating at St. Mary’s College in May 2019!

What Now

Support for recent art school graduates to launch their arts careers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pilot cohort 2019. Completed August 2019

Business of Being an Artist

Presented 13 week course to graduate and undergraduate students in the Lorry I. Lokey Graduate School of Business and Public Policy. Course presentations included guest instructors and a capstone presentation at Google Community Space. A professional development program of Intersection for the Arts. 2018 and program runs again in January 2020

Mills and Intersection Accelerator cohorts at Google Community Space following Capstone Presentations

Strategic Planning

Facilitating organization-wide strategic planning process to engage internal and external stakeholders in articulation of a 5-year plan. 2018-2019

Strategic Planning Phase 1

Facilitated strategic planning committee, guided community meetings, engaged executive committee, and conducted online survey to aid alliance in identifying strategic priorities. 2018

Business Development Workshops for Musicians

Session 1: What Drives Your Music Business? Articulating Vision + Values = Mission. Session 2: Compose Your Business Pathway! Constructing a Business Model Canvas. 2018

State of the Arts 2018 - Session Facilitation

Facilitated session on the topic of mapping Professional Development needs in your career and business evolution. 2018

Business Coaching

Provided business coaching with underwriting from Center for Cultural Innovation Creative Capacity Fund Quick Grant. 2018

Speed Coaching and Session Facilitation

Annual Conference session facilitation on the topic of Fiscal Sponsorship. Additionally, provided speed coaching to TBA members. 2016-2018

Professional Development Training

Presented business development workshop and facilitated one-to-one business coaching. 2017-2018

Sponsorship and Earned Income Panelist

Participated in panel exploring earned income opportunities for artists in partnership with Independent Arts & Media. 2018 and 2019