Recently over a casual catch-up lunch with two girlfriends in downtown San Francisco I was unexpectedly stumped about my career. Both are in talent management, advising Bay Area business professionals, and were interested in knowing more about Artsightful. I dutifully plunged into my elevator pitch:

“I provide insights into the business of arts for artists, arts managers and board members.”

They both looked at me blankly and finally one asked, “What’s exactly is an arts manager?” Was this a rhetorical or existential question? Honestly, I have asked myself this same thing countless times over the past twenty years. 

  • How do I develop a thriving career managing artists and administering arts programs?
  • Forget thriving, how do I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, pay the rent and have money for anything else?
  • What about nurturing my inner-artist who has been dormant for decades?

What exactly is arts management and how do we create a thriving career in the Bay Area? 


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